Aims & scope

EGU Letters (EL) is a virtual scientific highlight magazine for articles reporting exceptionally important results and major advances in geoscientific research that are of high general interest to the entire geoscientific community and/or to the broader public & media.

Articles included in EL are written in a concise and engaging style. They undergo full peer review and publication as a letter style article in one of the EGU interactive open-access journals. Their inclusion in EL depends upon recommendation by the chief/executive editors of the interactive journal and approval by the interdisciplinary editorial board of the virtual magazine.


Letters are short research articles that report particularly important results and major advances in a concise and engaging style. Letters have fewer than 2,500 words in the main text and 200 words in the abstract. They include an appropriate number of figures or tables with captions (not included in word count), an appropriate number of references (no specific upper limit), and a concise description of the applied methods in the form of an appendix (up to approx. 3,000 words) placed between the end of the main text and the references. Further information and details about the methods and results can be provided in an online supplement (no length restriction).

Letters include both of the following characteristic features:

  • Important discoveries & research highlights in their field.
  • Solutions to or progress with long standing & important questions in their research area.

In addition, the reported research findings should be of high interest to the broad geoscience community or to the broader public and media.